Ability and Autonomy / Re-conceptualizing Ability

Classroom Activities

Discuss: Talk about the King article with the whole group. One of King’s most salient points concerns the equation of physical ability and autonomy. Do you agree or not? What examples can you find in your life that either proves or disproves that equation?

Move: In pairs or small groups try a variety of movement experiences in which there is a physical limitation:

  • Candoco: And Who Shall Go To The Ball. Photographed by Hugo Glendinning, Choreographed by Rafael BonachelaBlindfolded activities: walking, talking, retrieving an object, performing a task such as
    finding and turning on or off a light switch or picking up a book from the floor, etc.
  • Restricting movement to one leg, one arm, etc.
  • If available, assign activities to be done from a wheel chair.
  • Time permitting, it might be interesting to have “showings” and discussions of these activities, so that a pair or small group can be observed by the rest of the group.

Reflect: Did those physical activities changes your ideas at all about King’s argument?

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